Based in the DMV area. I believe design can be used as a tool for change and accessiblity. I use analogue techniques in my practice such as pen and paper, photoshop, film photography and label makers. 

    My sweet spot for design work is collaborating with musicians, small businesses, fashion and those within the disabled and neurodivergent community. 

︎ Personal Makings ︎︎︎

︎: Virgo
︎︎︎: Scorpio
︎: Gemini
Enneagram: 8

Basically what this means:
I have a lot of passion and drive and would love to work with you ︎

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︎Personal Makings ︎︎︎

Client Work ︎︎︎

The publishing initiative cripple exculsively supports the endeavors of disabled artists and designers.

Recently at Printed Matters New York Art Book Fair.
2020 ~
︎ Logo Design
︎ Website Design
︎ Product Documentation

SASHA GAMBLE - run! for your life
collaboration with DUO

Music video for artist, Sasha Gamble, where we (duo) directed, shot, edited, and produced all visuals around Sasha Gambles first independent release.
︎ Social Media Promo
︎ Directer
︎ Video editing
︎ DSLR + 35mm + super 8
︎ color/lighting correction

What the Fuck is Dyslexia

What the Fuck is Dyslexia is a zine that aims to shed light on the commonly misunderstood effects of dyslexia, as well as an exploration of the ways in which dyslexia can effect every-day routines.

Laminated soft cover + 34 pgs
8. x 5.5 inches
︎ Data Research
︎ Illustrations

Photography Archive

Editorial photos from River city fashion and ink magazine. Personal projects ranging from 2014 forward.

DSLR + 35mm

2014 -
︎ Editorial
︎ Darkroom
︎ Events/Music

The Filling Station

In house graphic designer and artist. Working directly with the manager to meet all art needs of refreshing the brand and interior of the shop.
2018 -
︎ Branding
︎ Website Design
︎ Handlettering
︎ Photography
︎ Animation
︎ Banners
︎ Apparel design

Tasmeem Doha 2017: Analogue Living in a Digital World

Publication Design by Lauren Thorson of Studio-Set. Design contributions by Mia Navarro and Julia Straley.

International Art & Design Biennial held in Doha, Qatar. Glossy 150 gsm + Laminated cover 11.69 x 16.53 inches, 104 pages
︎ Design Contributions
︎ AIGA 50 Books 50 Covers

Out of the Everywhere

Publication Design by Lauren Thorson of Studio-Set. Design contributions
from Mia Navarro and Julia Straley.

Monograph for artist Brittany Nelson with contributions from Lars
Bang Larsen, Danielle Dean, Gordon Hall, Stefanie Hessler Quinn Latimer and Gala Porras-Kim.

108 pages, Softcover, 16 x 23.5 cm, Available at Mousse Publishing
︎ Design Contributions
︎ Type Exploration
︎ Poster Design

Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, Department of Photography + Film

Departmental graphic designer for the academic year of 2019 - 2020.

Focused on refreshing identity and designing informational posters and vinyl hangings around department wing.
2019 - 2020
︎ Identity Work
︎ Vinyl Installation
︎ Posters + Magnents
︎ Video Editin

Virginia Commonwealth School of the Arts, Department of Dance and Choreography, Senior Concert

Identity design and promotional material for the winter senior concerts. Photography by Adriana De’Rosa, a dear friend and wonderful artist.
︎ Identity Work
︎ Photo Editing
︎ Meeting Organization/ Meeting Lead

2017 -
︎ Material studies
︎ Artist Lecture Series
︎ VCUarts
︎ Music Promo


A dyslexia coping mechanism app prototype encouraging users with tips, videos, and educational materials to help educate them about dyslexia.
︎ Wire Framing
︎ Illustration
︎ Animation

Those Who Shaped Me

A book visualizing the relationships with those in my life as well as the music that drapes our background. 
︎ 35 mm 
︎ Book Design
︎ Oil Pastels