Based in the DMV area. I believe design can be used as a tool for change and accessiblity. I use analogue techniques in my practice such as pen and paper, photoshop, film photography and label makers. 

    My sweet spot for design work is collaborating with musicians, small businesses, fashion and those within the disabled and neurodivergent community. 

︎ Personal Makings ︎︎︎

︎: Virgo
︎︎︎: Scorpio
︎: Gemini
Enneagram: 8

Basically what this means:
I have a lot of passion and drive and would love to work with you ︎

︎ Home

Virginia Commonwealth School of the Arts
Dance + Choreography

Poster ︎︎︎

postcard: front/back ︎︎︎

The goal of the senior concert identity was to capture Y2K trends in the typography and outfit choice. The seniors desired their individuality to be expressed in the promotional material and to create visuals that broke the stereotypical concert marketing style - reds/blacks and high contrast imagery.